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Treatment for pool, here you find the most advanced treatments for your pool water as UVC, UVC integrated with ozone, with UVC ionizer, and the most complete line UVC germicidal. It is indisputably a world leader when it comes to water treatment, all you need for your pool in the treatment area.

This revolutionary combination of ozone and ultraviolet "C" (UV-C) makes possible a pool with very little incidence of chlorine!
With this unit the Blue Lagoon Ozone UV-C system in your pool, you can keep the water fresh, crystal clear, and above all hygienically. Connect the "Blue Lagoon Ozone UV-C" to the system of your pool.

Using a pump, water is driven into the device through the reactor provided with the kit. The velocity of the water flowing through the reactor causes the suction of air through the venturi. This air penetrates the capsule of the device between the quartz glass and UV-C ozone, thus enabling the loading of the air with ozone. A special lamp ozone produces a radiation of 0.6 grams of ozone. In the reactor, the ozone-laden air is mixed with the pool water.

It is through this mixture ozonized air with a powerful water disinfection process then takes place. The pool water penetrates the capsule, mixed with ozone, passing by the lamp ozone UV-C. The bulb has an output (output) of 25 watts UV-C, eliminating the waste of ozone in water.

This revolutionary combination of UV-C and copper electrolysis provides a chlorine-free pool! With this unit Blue Lagoon UV-C Ionizer in your pool system, you will keep your pool water fresh, crystal clear and mostly cleaned without the need to add more chlorine or other chemicals in the water. Chlorine ensures the proliferation of harmful bacteria in your pool, but this element has unfortunately unpleasant side effects for people who swim in chlorinated water.

Examples of such problems are skin irritation, burning and redness of the eyes, respiratory irritation, and of course, the strong odor of chlorine. Children, especially, have no notion that chlorinated water should not reach their eyes as these, after swimming, will be angry.

Children with asthma also suffer from the effects of chlorinated water, which can result in a swimming less pleasurable. With Blue Lagoon UV-C Ionizer, it all becomes a thing of the past.



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