Blue Lagoon Ozone UV-C


The “Blue Lagoon Ozone UV-C” must be connected to your swimming pool system. Using a pump, the water is pumped into the unit through the supplied reactor.


Through the water pressure in the reactor, air is sucked in via the Venturi system. The pressure in the reactor can be read on the manometer, and can be adjusted using the ball valve. The ideal pressure is between 0.4 and 0.7 bar. Air is sucked into the unit via the air valve and flows through the area between the quartz glass and the ozone UV-C lamp. Because air enters the unit via the lamp, it becomes loaded with ozone particles that were generated in the special ozone UV-C lamp, which produces 0.6 grams of ozone. After it has passed the ball valve, the ozone-enriched air is then mixed with water in the reactor. The oxidation and sterilisation take place here, and a powerful disinfection process is achieved. The water-ozone mixture is then exposed to the 25 watt UV-C output generated by the lamp in the stainless steel housing. The lamp has a double function, producing ozone and UV-C light at the same time. The ozone particles in the water are completely broken down again by the UV-C device immediately after they have completed their function. This takes place because the ozone is mixed with water as it passes through the lamp for the second time. The 316L stainless steel housing provides an additional UV-C light reflection of up to 35%. The device produces ozone that is 100% safe; and the water that flows out no longer contains any ozone. What remains is fully disinfected, crystal clear swimming pool water that is free from bacteria. A minimal quantity of chlorine is recommended in your swimming pool water, as this will act as a buffer in the swimming pool. It will be necessary to collect the pool water for the period that the pump requires to process the full content of the pool. In this way, new micro-organisms will have no chance to develop.


Blue Lagoon Ozone UV-C


Advantages of the UV-C & Ozone treatment:

  • Ensures fresh, clean and crystal clear water
  • Less maintenance and more carefree use of your swimming pool
  • Suntan lotion, cosmetics, urine and transpiration are broken down by ozone
  • Bound chlorine is broken down by UV-C light
  • Disinfects water efficiently and safely
  • Protects your pool from germs
  • Keeps the formation of mould, bacteria and algae under control
  • Can reduce the use of chlorine by up to 90% immediately after the installation
  • Disinfection is user-friendly and safe
  • More environmentally-friendly than traditional methods
  • Cost-saving


Features of the Blue Lagoon Ozone UV-C:

  • Up to 35% more UV-C yield as a result of reflection
  • 100% efficient and constant operation
  • 316L stainless steel interior
  • The Blue Lagoon Ozone UV-C is earthed
  • Ozone UV-C lamp operates for 4,500 hours (± 2 swimming seasons)
  • The device indicates when the lamp needs replacing
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • 2-year guarantee covering manufacturing faults

Technical specifications

UV-C Ozone 75.000 L

Swimming pool content 75.000 L
Lamp 75 Watt
UV-C (W) 25 Watt
Max. flow 25.000 L/h
Max. pressure 2 bar
Max. ozone 0.6 gram
Connection size Ø 63/50mm
Length of the device 100cm
Width of the device 75vm


Artigo número: B200005 Blue Lagoon Ozone UV-C 75.000 litros / 75 Watts (230V; 50/60Hz)



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